Past Events


Artificial Intelligence for Representative Democracy

On the 16th February 2022 I organized a special session on the usage of AI for representative democracy at the AMS Scientific conference. The goal of this session was to bring together academics, professionals, and policymakers to discuss how can we solve the digitalization imbalance by helping the elected representatives carry out their responsibilities using artificial intelligence-based solutions. video

How can social (big) data be used to understand and help vulnerable young people?

On the 10th of October 2019 I gave a presentation for the Rotterdam Knowledge Lab of Urban Big Data on my work where I explored if and how new sources from the internet could complement conventional sources to study NEETs. video


Empathy-Centric Design at Scale

We aims to bring together different scholars—including computer scientists, social scientists, designers, psychologists, policy-makers, and practitioners from other disciplines—to share their knowledge, experience, and ideas about working with empathy for large-scale societal impact. The motivation behind this works lies in the necessity of new digital-supported methodologies to design at-scale solutions to societal problems that are balanced, inclusive, and aware of their effect on society. website